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So...What's an Aronia Berry?

Healthy & Delicious Delicacies

The Aronia berry, also called the chokeberry is considered to be the highest antioxidant berry of all the fruits.  The berries come naturally in three colors: red, purple, and black-purple.  Good Berry Farms grows Aronia melanocarpa, the black-purple species.

Health Facts

  • We founded Good Berry Farms on our love of quality food and our passion for local business. Using our experience in our local food communities, we curate a year-round selection for our customers.
  • Aronia Berries are a rich source of dietary fibers as well as vitamins A, E, C, K, and B9. They are also rich in Calcium, Potassium, Iron, and Manganese.
  • In Poland and Russia, Aronia Berry juice is believed to help with heart conditions. 
  • Native Americans used Aronia to treat the common cold--the root can be used to stop bleeding while the bark can be used to treat fever!


Fresh Aronia Berries have a tart taste, much like cranberries. Interested in finding out for yourself? Check out our shop to find our homemade syrups, jams and jellies! After a taste, you will crave Aronia! Packed with antioxidants, Aronia is nearly a super food.

Meet Your Farmer


Leah Fote

 Owner-Operator Leah Fote began her 20-acre Aronia berry farm in 2015.  After graduating from Colorado State University in 2006, her and her husband moved to western Nebraska. She started the first organic Aronia berry farm in western Nebraska. She has five children who all love to help on the farm. 


Why Aronia Berries?

  The Aronia berry caught Leah's attention with its versatility & abundant health benefits.  Leah chose the Aronia berry to provide a healthy, all-natural product to consumers.  Good Berry Farms is committed and dedicated to growing high-quality all natural Aronia berries so our consumers are always satisfied.