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Natural and Delicious Aronia Berries

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“My kids love to eat unless they find out that something is “healthy” I have to get creative with fitting in all the healthy requirements. When I got the Aronia Berry Wellness Syrup, I left out the ‘wellness’ and offered my kids a spoonful of SYRUP. My 5 year old took the spoonful and declared that it tasted like Christmas time. Our family is now hooked on our Christmas syrup and I’m happy that my kids are getting their dose of healthy every day.”

Erica D - Houston, Texas


 "My wife Cathy and I take the wellness syrup every morning. We have noticed a difference in energy as well as a more alert feeling. In December, I felt a cold starting and with my severe form of asthma I needed to keep it from getting bad. I followed the directions on the bottle and the cold passed with minimal effect on me. Our colds were shorter in duration and milder in symptoms. We hate running out because we feel the difference from day one." 

Robert - Oklahoma  


 “My family and I have been drinking this wellness syrup for about 2 months now and let me say that we truly believe in the Aronia Berry. With having children in school , it seems like we are always fighting off some sort of illness. My children usually have runny noses or some sort of sneeze fits- with allergies and cold season- and as any parent knows, it seems like it lasts forever! Since taking this syrup daily, we have not flown through boxes of tissues and even my young athletes haven’t complained of soreness after their workouts. We have seen so many benefits from just a “shot” a day. This has been a game changer for my family’s health and I LOVE it! I even bought some to send to my son in Arizona . Makes me feel a little more at ease knowing his health is a little more protected, especially with everything going on in the world today.”

Bush Family - Nebraska

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